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Things I've found wandering the Internet unattended that caught my attention ... that turned me on. I hope they do the same for you.

Fuck I love his quiet Dominance

Fuck me daddy

Que me follen así... Entrega total

Así me gusta a mí

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"Sorry to hear your girlfriend dumped your sorry ass and moved out, boy... a real crying shame since she was the one paying all the bills this past summer while you've been unemployed. But it's your name on the apartment lease which means you're still responsible for paying the rent by the first of each month. My son Gabriel here is convinced you'll try something stupid like moving out... break your lease... and I'm inclined to think you're not gonna get another bitch to move in and cover your bills for ya... probably not much hope of you finding a decent paying job either. So I'm gonna let Gabriel move in here to keep close tabs on ya, boy... as you've probably already guessed, he's got some really great ideas on how to start training ya to earn your rent money... as well as earn your keep until your lease is up at the end of the year..." 

I wish I had a landlord like Gabriel to move in with me KIK 4BlkMstr 

FUUUCK I love your big COCK in me...

Brothers. Since they were teens.

A sweet portrayal of a hung daddy opening up and breeding a twink boy - Dr Wolf & Tom (new vid). B4264M (8/1/20)


Hot, rough fuck

Chad's stepfather was not surprised when he came out as gay.  He was surprised to find out he was still a virgin. 

"I'm going to show you what it really means to be a pretty little gay boy," he said as he rammed his thick beer can cock deep in the boy's cherry. 

"I'd ask you to tell me if you like it.  But I don't really care nor with the Men who fuck you."

It seemed a harsh punishment for a first offense DWI, but the guards figured they were teaching the boy a lesson to keep him out of future trouble.  

Unfortunately, Johnny got the wrong message, they realized, when he showed up the next day asking did he have to admit to a crime or could they just take him back to a private cell. 

Turning out the boss's only son was risky.  But the kid loved it and the clandestine pictures of the boy being plowed like a cheap whore would make a great insurance policy if the old man ever found out.  

Besides, there was something very satisfying about turning out the rich privileged kid into his personal pussy boy.